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Welcome to Moda Me Couture

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Welcome to Moda Me Couture

Our Story | Moda Me Couture

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Hello, My name is Vanessa.

I live in the beautiful state of Oregon with my handsome husband and our 2 beautiful children. I am a stay-at-home mom who loves fashion and keeping up with the latest trends.  I've always been involved with fashion in one way or another and often when out in the city, ladies would stop and ask if I'm from out of town and compliment what I was wearing.  Pacific Northwest trends seem to lean more towards grungy hobo style while I tend to lean more towards the classy city chic style.

 How I got started?

I have always loved fashion and style and like most girls I bought more clothes than I could ever wear! One day after a shopping spree, I tried to hang my fabulous new finds in my closet only to realize there was no room left on the racks.  I noticed lots of items still had tags still attached and most of my items are worn maybe once and in excellent condition.  There were lots of pieces I could part with, but I was torn because I knew there was allot of money spend and I wanted to find a way to recuperate some of that cash and put it back in my wardrobe and some back in my hubby's wallet.

During a family gathering I was introduced to a “Fashion Only” selling and buying APP called Poshmark.  Poshmark is a place to buy & sell new or used clothes.  At the time, there were only women's clothing.  Today you can find men's and children apparel as well as luxury items such as Louise Vuitton, Gucci, Prada etc. 

Poshmark is the up and coming Instagram of Fashion.  I found the platform to be very user friendly and listing items was a breeze.  You snap a few pictures, write a brief description of the item you are selling and with one click your item is available for sale and visible to some 30 million women shopping for amazing deals.  To elaborate a little, most items on Poshmark are up to 70% OFF retail.  MORE of what you want for less.

I started listing clothing from my closet, and within days I was making sales and gathering allot of followers!  I was so happy and overjoyed because in years past, I would have donated these fabulous pieces and now I found a way to recuperate part of the cost and put it towards other pieces I was wanting to purchase!!!  This made my hubby very happy.

In a very short period of time, I realized I was running low on inventory and my customers were asking when new inventory was coming in.  I started going out hunting for great deals and shopping with my customers in mind.  I sort of became a personal shopper for all the lovely ladies following me and shared my fashion style. 

A few months into this adventure, I was faced with tens of thousands of dollars in medical billings.  Being a stay at home mom and my husband being the sole provider, I felt this was a burden I did not want him to carry alone.  Selling online had proven to be very successful and I wanted to take my success to the next level.  We got a business license and started our Online Boutique. 

Prior to being a stay-at-home mom, I was a Real Estate Agent and also had various positions as a sales woman.  I was determined to make this love and passion for fashion, be a way to supplement our income and pay for the unexpected medical bills.  The hunt was on.  I loved being able to offer my fabulous ladies a quality piece at a great price.  It brings joy to me when I receive a heartfelt love letter from my clients describing how they felt when they received my package and how excited they were to wear and the compliments they received from family, friends or strangers on the street and all at a fraction of the cost they would have paid in a up scale department store.  It made me happy to give someone a glimpse of a day in my life.  My hope is always to Inspire, Bring Joy and Help Radiate every woman’s Inner beauty every time they wear a piece from my boutique.

My family and I drive thousands of miles every year to expos, fashion events and search for reliable and trusted vendors to stock our Boutique.  I hand select every style we offer.  Personally, I love to feel the material, is it soft, does it have stretch are the styles true to size.  This matters to my clients and it is very important to me as I aim to build a repeat clientele and not just a one time sale.  Being that this is an Online sale and clients don't have the opportunity to feel the garment in hand, I want my clients to trust that every item they purchase from me is of great quality and as shown the in pictures I model.  I stay up to date with today's trends and I want to make sure everyone wearing my products trust they are getting an amazing deal on unique and trendy styles inspired from the fashion runways or top Instagram fashionista.

Where we are now:

God has been good to us and has blessed us beyond belief on this journey. 

What started as a hobby, selling clothes from my personal closet, turned into a full time family business.  I’m still a stay-at-home mom raising the next generation, but at the same time running a Online Boutique from the comfort of our home along side my husband and our children.  We all work together as a team where everyone plays a very important role.  Whether its shopping for new inventory, photographing, modeling, listing, packaging or working with customers answering their questions, we do it as a family and it’s a blessing and a dream come true. My husband and I have always dreamed of starting a family business!

Recently we launched our Fashion Label Moda Me Couture® and are so excited for the future of our brand. Stay tuned.  There is so much more to come.

Thank you so much for stopping by and for getting to know us, you are a blessing to us.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  I would be more than happy to assist you in any way I can.

Vanessa, CEO


Our Story | Moda Me Couture®


  • I love your story and wish you much success. I have a similar desire and the good Lord is blessing us. I love your clothes and prices &will definitely be shopping with you
    Wishing you the greatest of luck 💟
    Your friend, Ellen

    Ellen Taylor on

  • I love all your beautiful clothes your carefree style and big smile ,yet .YOU amaze me ! Thatt was interesting reading your story. I just feel happy and excited whenever I look at your clothes at what I’m going to buy next💕

    Jamie on

  • Love your story and love the classy way you present your business … God bless you in your journey!
    Dr Rev Jenine Marie Howry

    Jenine on

  • Love your story, and love you on Poshmark! Your follower, @sequinstiletto

    Kati on

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